Questions and questions

In the past half decade, our writing service has helped tens of thousands of college students in the U.S. and around the world.  Our 24-hour service has met countless deadlines, written essays that seemed impossible and helped an infinite amount of students improve their GPA.  Our goal is to help you succeed in all your academic endeavors and reach your potential.  Let the experts take care of your writing needs and see what a difference we will make.

We have also answered questions from students who have wanted to order an essay from our service.  We understand that many sites in the writing industry do not have phone numbers and are based out of developing countries, for this reason we want to distance ourselves from being this type of service.  Below are answers to some of the more popular questions that we have answered throughout the years.  Please feel free to contact us and ask your question if you are considering purchasing our service.  We will even walk you through the process.

What is an essay writing service?

An essay writing service provides model essays, research papers, term papers and reports on all subjects to help college students write their own essays.  Maybe you need help with original research, maybe you want help in producing a fresh perspective on a topic that is vast and complex.  Maybe you need help sifting through the research that is available on a particular subject.  An essay writing service is designed to provide you with a completed essay, with a full bibliography, so you can meet your own writing deadlines with the help of a model essay.  EVERYONE NEEDS HELP at some time or another.  Essay writing services are designed to provide you with personal assistance in writing your own essays and essays.
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Why should I use an essay writing service?

There are thousands of reasons for needing an essay writing service.  It takes time to write a quality essay, and it takes practice to learn how to produce a proper essay.  Maybe you have found yourself bogged down with too much to do and not enough time.  Maybe you are not exactly sure HOW to produce a quality essay, maybe you want to see what first-rate research looks like, or maybe you need help with an original perspective on a subject that is complicated.  When quality matters, an essay writing service can be a valuable asset in helping you produce a unique view in your own writing.

Where is your business located?

Unlike the vast number of websites on the Internet, we are NOT BASED IN PAKISTAN.  Our company is based in North America.  We want to make this very clear so everyone knows that they can reach us by dialing 1-888-774-9994.  Our office is located in Toronto and our writers are based out of the United States, Canada, U.K., and Australia.  All of our writers are Native English speakers meaning their first language is English and their experience in this matter will be evident in your essay.  We are meticulous about what our writer’s produce because we understand that we are only as good as the last essay we write.